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Who is Pacific Lock?

A US Padlock Manufacturer! The company was founded in 1998, and is a family operated manufacturer of physical security products. At the core of the Pacific Lock product offering is aline of solid-body padlocks. Aluminum, Brass and Steel. Many of the products are direct substitutes for the more familiar brands, but the value and commitment to service extends into an area that no other company has yet to reach.

The factory’s machining center located in Los Angeles, California where the manufacturing or sourcing of the majority of the components of the products is in the United States. Pacific Lock’s innovations in manufacturing sector are unparalleled. Due to superior skills, engineers and machine operators have redefined what it means to do “just-in-time” manufacturing.

PACLOCK sets the standard in extremely durable, compact design truck security, capable of being transported easily. Patent pending product designs are not only compact, but durable, preventing head on attacks from bolt-cutters.

As a combination of family owned businesseswe will do our best for you every day. We stand at the ready to serve you!

What kind of Padlocks?

High Security

Key with Door Hardware


Safety Lockout

Hockey Puck


Small Format IC


Coming SoonBlue Tooth

Large Format IC

70MM Disc

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