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The Keyincode 1000 Series Electronic Cam Lock Kit will retrofit many keyed cam
lock applications found on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and enclosures.                                  These keyless locks are easy to install taking just a few minutes to remove the existing cam lock and then making one additional mounting hole to secure the top of the lock.

Great for new applications from lockers to cabinets, tool chests, drawers, key cabinets too. KIC1000 is available in vertical mount KIC1000-V-SG and horizontal mount models KIC1000-RH-SG (numbers located to the right of the turn knob) and KIC1000-LH-SG (numbers located to the left of the turn knob.

  • Easy Installation retro-fit or new
  • 15,000 openings from 2 x AAA cells (supplied)
  • Battery override, Battery Strength Check, Battery Warning
  • Ideal for cabinets, lockers, medical carts, data racks, safes
  • Silver Gray (SG) powder coat is stock finish, others on request
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mount Models Available
  • IP55 rated when installed with optional rubber gasket

The KIC1000 has 4 code levels available:

  • 8-digit Master Code
  • 8-digit Sub-Master Code
  • 4-digit User Code
  • 6-digit Service Code

Public Use Function

KIC1000 operates with a single User Code. The lock is in an “open” position awaiting

the user to enter their own personal 4-digit code. Entering the code locks the lock. When the same code is entered lock opens and erases the personal code and is ready for the
next new user.  GREAT for shared lockers at health facilities, locker rooms and gyms.

Private Use Function

This common function and used where the same code will be repeatedly used by the same user.  Once the personal 4-digit code is entered the lock retains that code until changed or deleted by management. Typical applications include, school, employee and patient lockers. Others include desk drawers, office lateral files, carrying cases, key cabinets, medicine cabinets etc.

KL1000 Series is supplied standard with two cams, however GSD can provide many standard and custom sizes available,

SIZE- Keyincode 1000 Series Electronic Cam Lock Kit will accommodate up to 1” thick material.  The Kit is supplied prepared for ¾” material however parts include multiple shells and plugs for accommodation of material up to ¼”, up to ½” and 1”

Accessory: Spring Latch

The spring latch attaches to the lock in the same fashion as a cam//tailpiece.  This enables automatic latching in the locked position. The Spring Latch Kit includes the spring latch, spacers, machine screws for different thicknesses, and an adjustable strike plate.