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Medeco Cam Lock

Medeco® Cam Locks are also available with a removable core feature. This feature allows cores to be changed out in seconds, without removing the lock body. For applications that may require instantaneous re-keying due to lost or stolen keys, or where periodic re-keying is done as a matter of good business practice, Medeco® Removable Core Cam Locks save valuable time and money. Removable Core Cam Locks offer the same high security features of a Medeco® Cam
Lock with the convenience of a removable core.

Medeco Threaded Extension Lock

Medeco® offers a threaded extension lock that can be used in laundry, vending or a variety of other applications.

All models feature hardened steel inserts that protect against drilling and other forms of vandal attacks on the cylinder.

Medeco 1
Medeco 3

Medeco Micro Switch Lock

The Medeco® 3/4 inch diameter, high security Switch Lock offer a wide range of electrical functions with the physical security and patented key control of a Medeco® cylinder. Available in either single or double switch models, Medeco® Switch Locks are ideally suited for applications requiring controlled access to electrically activated systems, including alarms, ATMs, time delay safes, encryption devices, heavy power equipment, control panels and electrically accessed doors and gates.

Medeco T-handle Cylinders

Medeco® provides a full range of T-handle Cylinders, from general purpose models offering basic key control and pick resistance, to stainless steel bolt and shell models resistant to the most severe forms of vandalism and physical attack.

Medeco 4
Medeco 5

Medeco Removable Plug Locks

Medeco® offers two models of Removable Plug Locks that allow access to internal latching mechanisms with 90 degree rotation and withdrawal of the cylinder plug. Specifically designed for vending equipment, money changers and fare collection systems. The 64W0550 Series is recommended in any high risk application where equipment is susceptible to forced entry and vandalism. Models are available to fit recessed mounts or surface mounts. Available in a brass or hardened steel shell for applications prone to the most abusive forms of physical attack.

Medeco T-Handle

The Medeco® T-Handle is the first handle of its type designed specifically to defy forced entry. Conventional die cast construction has been replaced with 300-series stainless steel for the housing and handle components. The housing surrounds the handle to eliminate critical pry points, resist drilling, wrenching and other common forms of physical attack. Rear loading of the lock cylinder, combined with a free spinning hardened steel cover, protects against drilling and pulling.

Medeco 6